Y Experiment

We are a startup studio focused on cutting edge technology.




identify the opportunity and analyze possible solutions

We validate and identify a minimum viable product that can be built in a few months, is disruptive, and is relatively easy to scale later.

The goal of this phase is to validate the opportunities created by emerging technologies and brainstorming on ways to leverage such technology advantage.


create a flexible core of the startup's technology

The earliest architectural decisions have profound impact on the startup's future. Aiming to avoid technology induced pit-falls, the technology of an early stage startup should be not only cheap but also easily replaceable.

Leveraging our experience in designing and building computer systems, along with modern development tools, libraries, and platforms, we hack out the diamond core in the fastest and most flexible manner possible.


introduce the startup and its product to the local market

Some say that you're launching just once, but we always start small, sometimes in a dark-launch. All this to give us room and freedom to adapt to the market without paying a premium for every new business model we're testing.

The goal of this phase is to find an early product/market fit. At this stage this means finding people who love the startup and its solution. To get this right, we iterate testing different business models and user preferences.


evolve the product/market fit to increase the userbase

The main goal of the company with a proven business model is to replicate it with as many customers as possible. The advantage of hi-tech companies here is the ease of scaling up and enabling potential hockey-stick growth.

Throughout this phase we continuously realign the organization and technology of the startup to embrace new business cases and so maintaining a relatively slow vertical growth of the company.

With headquarters in Poznań (PL) and startups spread around EU, we leverage the hi-tech trends (i.e. social, VR, IoT, video) to build innovative companies enabling new opportunities.


FitMech is an Industry 4.0 platform for automatic analysis and visualization of production data.
Astronation is a VR virtual world. Use your virtual assets to shape the virtual reality and colonize a new star-system!
DeSoNinja is a system providing data intelligence services on top of the DeSo blockchain social dataset.


We have built the core technology, team, and bootstrapped operations of The Motion - VideoAds platform.
We have built the product and team enabling Dentalzon to become the 1st EU dentistry marketplace.
We've built the core technology and team allowing Dupli to become a private and high-quality video library.

Here are some of the startups we've helped to build by delivering all of the missing pieces in the technology.

We love "missions for special-forces" so we're always open for interesting consulting projects where we can use our expertise to help.


We have re-architected the technology and product of Sellektor to enable its further growth.
We have provided assistance to the VC team in assessing the technology of their startups.
We have provided assistance to a VC lab team in assessing the technology of their startup.

We love brainstorming and talking to like-minded people so if you need help with your startup - don't hesitate to contact us!


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